No One’s Lounge

Hello readers 🤗 I am absolutely ecstatic and delighted to report that the pilot for my new chat show has been watched over 170 times since it aired on my YouTube channel noone adiaryfromnoone on Christmas Eve. My YouTube subscribers have also almost doubled but I need more of you to click on that red button.
My plan is to host a 10 episode season of No One’s Lounge throughout this year of 2018. I think it is important to be as creative and intriguing as possible, in order to keep people’s attention and constantly raise mental health awareness. This vibrant new show is all about real life people, with real life experience within the realms of mental health and speaking openly and honestly in order to connect with you, the people.
I will not be having a festival this year and so please support me in this project, as generously as you have over the last two years with, A Festival From No One.
If you didn’t catch the pilot or have not yet seen my fundraising pledge, please check out the details below.

Much love, kisses, well wishes and appreciation to you all. Don’t forget to subscribe as Season1, Episode 1 is being filmed today and shall be aired in due cause. Come with me on this journey, as I fundraise and produce an insightful season of No One’s Lounge throughout the year. See where your donations go as it manifests and please keep sharing, as to broaden my network!?

Xx No One

Time Knows…

Is it the end,
When the clock stops,
Or do we just descend into a new beginning?
They say that lightyears of time came before us,
And lightyears of time will continue on after us.
Time is not ours to bargain with,
More complex then we are lead to believe.
With the need of power,
And a sense of control,
Man made the clock,
A system unbreakable,
As solid as a rock,
But what happens when the hands of time malfunction,
And the tick tock and chimes are no more,
When the inhalation and exhalation of our breath stops?
When promise is ceased?
When the heat of the sun transcends into ice cold?
When fluidity turns solid?
Eye’s close,
Followed by customery worms meat or air pollution.
If there is no tomorrow,
What have we got!?
Nothing is more powerful then time,
In line with the sun,
And sea,
But science suggests that even they don’t have immortality!
Time may help us anchor,
But it will never be a prisoner,
To you or me,
Time answers to no one,
The grand master of eternity,
Existing to the realms of infity,
And the only knowing,
Of how long that might actually be!
As the tea lights in the sky no longer exist,
I expect we shall cohabit like this,
At the end.