What The R!?

No One’s Take on Yesterday’s jargon… Boris Bonanza Speech that we all blindly waited for, in hope of some light, yet no light was bared, only flashes of red dissatisfied, disappointed, disturbed faces of the British public as our Prime Minister whom we had all developed a soft spot for of late (as he lay in hospital with the Corona Virus himself) bemused us all with his random new plan. Is there any scientific evaluation and conclusion that Corona affects the brain, hosting symptoms of confusion and delusions of grandure? Only I am pretty sure that this, “Stay Alert” concept is a little rushed, hazey and nonsensical!? Forgive me if I am wrong, I currently have mild symptoms, perhaps I am also thinking backwords and spouting nonsense myself!?

Key = * What Boris Said and # My Thoughts & Interpretation…

* Almost 2 months of Isolation has saved lives and shown that we can defeat this virus. The worst case being half a million fatalities.
#Fantastic, so along with the saying “If it’s not broken, don’t fix it.” We should keep going right!? Stay At Home!

*Stay Alert to control the virus and save lives”.
#New slogan!? Why are we not sticking to, “Stay At Home”? We were already attempting to control the virus by staying at home and therefore saving lives. Stay Alert to what, we have all been following the news on the pandemic, we know what to look out for and whom to contact when. So do you mean continue as we are, as it seems to be working, especially when looking at the national grid!? No you don’t… You are easing into some kind of change. Why?

*We have a plan, a conditional plan.
#So you do mean that you want to direct change, even though our current plan (as of yesterday before 7pm) was working. OK!?

*5 steps…
1. Protect NHS/ 4.Enough PPE
#Essentially the same thing.
*2.Sustained fall in death rate
3. Sustained fall in infections
5.Do not force the R rate of the disease
#So stay indoors!?

*Covid Alert Level- R- Number of Corona Virus cases
#Sorry what is R!? Oh OK, rate of infection. How can any of this truly be measured when Jo Public with mild to moderate symptoms aren’t even on the radar because they are staying at home. Individuals for 7 days. Households of more than one for 14 days. Then the additional days in order to no longer be contagious. Then those who are carriers but show no symptoms at all. The only data being accumulated is from people within the arms of the NHS, care homes and celebrities. The rest of us are just suffering in silence and so your geographical graphs of red dots are actually innconclusive!

*Modified Lockdown
Before- Only go to work if you absolutely cannot work from home.
Now-Anyone who can’t work from home (like construction) must go back to work but maintain social distancing and follow new covid secure guidelines, also avoid public transport.
# In an an overpopulated world where we are always in close proximity to one another, how can we just adapt changes overnight? Most working class and city people don’t have cars. I’ve been on public transport at rush hour times before and after work, with my nose up people’s armpits, breast pressed against people’s backs with uncomfortably close genetalia. Those times are unavoidable. Those times are when most of us catch the common cold or such like, because people are literally coughing and sneezing on you in stuffy, packed carriages with 0 air flow. So for those without bikes, cars, out of walking distance, living in cities like London and Birmingham, they will undoubtedly be at high risk. That is playing with fire.

*From Wednesday 13th May 2020 people can drive to destinations and spend more time outside with household members.
#People will be driving to holiday homes unnecessarily, out and about way to long, unintentionally (because we are too poor and unimportant to be tested) or rich stupid and selfish/ young and naive spreading the virus through the air, resulting in another peak.

*Phased reopening of shops
#We don’t need to plan to far ahead… Baby steps. This territory is unknown. Boris don’t try to please everyone, just be the master of safety, your like rates aren’t important, the mortality rates are!

*June 1st primary Schools… Allowing reception, year one and year 6 to finish the school year.
#Are we 100% sure that children are immune? What if they carry but bare no symptoms… The teachers and school workers will be at risk and so will the people they come into contact with whilst travelling/shopping/at home etc.

*Quarentine on people coming into this country by air
#So this is new? What about the hundreds and thousands of people that have come to Britain in the last two months!?

*If there are outbreaks, if there are problems, we will not hesitate to put the breaks back on.
#There will be, so why take our feet off the breaks right now, at all!?

*We will come back from this Develish illness
#Yes Boris, people like you, the rich, the famous, the names, they will indeed but for the rest of us, you have just issued a death sentence and therefor I cannot place my faith in you, trust you nor forgive you. It would be kinder to just nuc us all!

A Poem For The Lady On The Street… Followed By The Voice Of The Vulnerable People Of Birmingham…

Did you see the woman sitting on the street?
Don’t plead innocent,
Admit your deceit!
You saw her alright,
But instead of acknowledging her,
Your feet rapidly picked up the beat.
She asked you for money for something to eat,
Once more your assumptions and ignorance blinded you,
Why give her money to spend on beer, drugs and wine,
Although two of those are on your shopping list,
But of cause,
That’s fine!
It’s Christmas time,
You have lots to do,
Seeing family and friends,
From Me to You.
You will be fine,
Spoilt and stuffed on Christmas day,
But that lady on the street,
She won’t just vanish away!
She has no one to be with,
Nowhere to go.
This festive holiday,
Perhaps you need all the money you’ve got,
To you,
Giving a little may mean giving a lot.
But a quick smile is free,
It may mean a lot to that woman on the street,
A nod,
Or shake of the head,
Instead of hurrying feet.
That woman and everyone else vulnerable and in need,
For whatever the reason,
They are still human beings.
They deserve more.
A smile,
An ear,
Neglect them not,
They are already at the lowest of the low,
And let down by the system,
Left on the street to rot.
Please spare a thought for them this Christmas,
I am not asking a lot.
That simple and humble kind gesture,
Could really mean an awful lot.

So… December 2016, I decided to put my actions where my thoughts were. I wanted to personally reach out to the vulnerable people of Birmingham, the city in which I was born and live, the city in which I myself am considered vulnerable because of my ill mental health. One man (so to speak) a person like myself, with no wealth, connections in high places, fame or a vast platform, cannot change the world single handily, but I can personally endeavour to try to make a small difference to the world, an impact on society, by persevering to complete my mission of raising awareness of mental health as an individual. I hope that in time, people will choose to join me on my mission, enough people to make a difference. Support me by reading my words, my poetry and blogs, regularly visiting www.adiaryfromnoone.co.uk and sharing my story and experiences with those in need, people who may benefit and learn from my honesty, collaborate with me and get the word out, follow me and recommend me on social media, watch my vlogs, adiaryfromnoone on YouTube. Please don’t interpret this as preaching or a plug but one must repeat themselves in order to get heard.
Every year for the past sixty four years (if my maths is correct, which it most likely isn’t and so don’t quote me), The Queen has given a televised Christmas speech to the Commonwealth realms. Over the years, The Queen has tried a personal touch, reaching the population in their homes, reflecting on the good and bad of the past year and wishing us all a very happy Christmas from The Royals. I must give The Queen credit, or perhaps The Duke Of Edinburgh or Winston Churchill, whoever it was that had the idea to make the reoccurring speech an available spectacle for the entire nation to see, the idea was a stroke of genius and way ahead of its time. Their idea to televise media in the 50’s, mirrors today’s social media and the power of going viral. People love, “Reality Television”. Dancing kittens, celebrities getting drunk, sex scandals, a lot of trivial rubbish with absolutely zero meaning, that is the stuff that gets the highest ratings. Undoubtedly more ratings then the Queen herself, but it is the Queens role to reflect upon the people, even though in reality, The Queen is so far removed from us. So you can make a fool out of yourself, perform like a dancing monkey, lord up your privilege but no one seems to want to know or learn anything of importance. Instead of watching an incredibly privileged or wealthy being discuss war, poverty, illness, homelessness and politics, would you not rather watch/read or hear from someone who is a selfless advocate for the people’s vulnerabilities and the vulnerable sake? I would, because the message would have sustenance, the context should take the spotlight, not the person with an alternative motive of acquiring fame or popularity. Instead of the façade that people are knowledgeable or even care about the unfortunate that The Royals preach about, using a top researchers carefully edited script, rather then personal reflection or research, why is there no platform to hear of these stories from the horses mouth? No gimmicks, no carefully edited tear jerkers, not sugar coated entertainment whilst the phones are ringing and the donation clock is going up and up, just truthful disclosures from those in need, the people on the streets, the abused, the refuges, the drug and alcohol addicts, the criminals, the minorities, the mentally ill, the physically sick, sick children, neglected children, children in care, the poor, the elderly, the lonely. Keeping things simple and focussing on the issue, that is what we need to see and hear in order to learn and advocate change.
On December 23rd 2016, I went to The Salvation Army to visit the homeless, escorted by musical friends who played live music, I sat and spoke to the people, allowed them to talk about whatever they wanted, I mostly listened, allowing them to feel special, acknowledged and heard. There was one man who was making song requests but neither I or my friends, the musicians, knew what he was asking for. He said that when he is on the streets, he sings for money, we welcomed him to sing but at first he declined. About half an hour later, there was this beautiful moment where he blossomed like a flower. Very quietly he began to sing and as we listened his confidence grew and he belted out his own lyrics for all of us to share and hear. That is the kind of thing that should be on YouTube, if only I had permission to film. I gave them gifts for Christmas and expressed my empathy.
I then went straight onto Summer Hill House, a rehabilitation centre for drug addicts, this time alone! I gave a speech whilst introducing myself and disclosing my intensions and my experiences of being institutionalised in a mental health hospital over Christmas not so long ago, I read them the poem above, sang silent night as an impromptus duet with one of the service users that I had crossed musical paths with in the past, on guitar. I held an open conversation about what they would say if, “The People’s Speech” was actually a thing. I intended to make a mockumentary of, “The Queens Speech” but with some home truths from the actual mouths of some actual real life vulnerable people, but I did not get around to it and so instead, please read on.
Most of the people in rehab were homeless, some spoke of family neglect and being in the social services and care homes from a very early age, throughout childhood and how damaging that can be. Some spoke of being so lonely, no family, no friends, no security, no home, how they just wanted to be acknowledged and feel significant. They spoke of how emotionally crippling it is to be ignored on the streets. They appreciate that not everyone can afford to dish out money, they are more then aware of the connotations that go alongside with begging on the street but would prefer to not be prejudged, stereotyped, stigmatised but most importantly ignored. Just a smile, nod/shake of the head or a brief hi or sorry would help lift their mood and confidence because they already feel bad enough for being out there and asking as it is. They spoke of how they don’t have phones or internet and so all of those messages about calling support lines online, may as well be spam. They spoke of how they have no access to information on where to go for food, a bed, healthcare etc. They want more hands on care and their most poignant message was that they are there all year round, not just at Christmas, although grateful, Christmas seems to be the only time that people remember to spare them any thought.
Overall, I was fortunate to spend the afternoon with some rather hard done by but extremely strong individuals, Circumstance lead them to where they are but they are human, just like us and all they need is a lifeline, but there are very few and extremely hard to come by. I vow to take on bored what they said. I will at the very least acknowledge them, just the same as I would anyone else. I tried to bring a little light to their life, I gave them material Christmas gifts from my own pocket but I think the gift that they were most thankful for, was my time, thoughtfulness and kindness. They felt significant, and so they should.
I am not asking you to give these people materialistic things, you don’t even have to empty your pockets! I am asking you to open your eyes and hearts, it sounds ludicrous but, just a small gesture of acknowledgement can actually save lives, revitalise these people by lifting their spirits, life is hard enough for them, without being ridiculed or dismissed! No one likes to be ignored, because it is cruel, if the shoe was on the other foot and you are completely honest, I am sure hat you can appreciate my very small request, give a little light to these people in the darkness.