Watching TV, seeing all of this freestyle spoken word got me thinking, I want to do that, give people substanance to chat. So challenging myself, I decided to freestyle. This clip came from the top of my head, No preparation, planning or pen to paper, no filter, nor fancy editting… if i did, i would have said inequality, I would have said racism over weighs love, hate over weighs love, vanity over weighs love… please share the love and check it out!? Xx
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I believe that a fragment of inspiration for this piece transpired from the lyrics of the great, unfortunately late, “Amy Winehouse, love is a loosing game”. Sometimes life and unfortunate ailments and circumstances, stand between individuals and finding true Love, but to know it and taste it, like addictive poison, we forever seek more of it, but sometimes it cannot be found! Well you found it here… sending huge love out to You!
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Scratch Night

Tonight I got to see,
What spoken word can potentially be,
Rap in true form,
Words and music fused together whilst the artists perform.
I felt really old,
It was so new for me,
The artists were undeniably bold,
But the pace was to fast you see,
I prefer simplicity.
I like to hear each and every word,
Even if full of profanity’s,
And simply absurd.
The talent was unbelievable,
And seemingly inconceivable.
They called it a scratch night,
Where all types of rappers unite,
There was no battle or fight.
Pure love and appreciation,
Mutual respect,
Not at all what you would stereotypically expect.
The vibe was perfect,
And all of the performers earned my respect.
It’s a taste thing I expect,
Not at all a hate thing.
Rapping is a skill to be reckoned with,
And if I tried,
I would look like a div!
I went to drama school,
I am no literacy fool.
Perhaps my deliverance is somewhat classical and boring,
Like a teacher at school,
But I never professed to be cool.
I’m just old school.
I fixate on feelings,words and rhyme,
Rather then time,
But I must stress that I appreciate the rapping skill,
And undoubtedly always will.
Whether I personally take to rapping or not,
Thus far,
Spoken word is as far as I have personally got.