Dark Mind…

The most scary place that I have ever seen,
Is far worse then you can imagine,
Way beyond your darkest dreams,
Because you are not confronted with how real it seems,
But a reality most revealing,
Where terror brews not from paranoia,
Fear of the unknown,
But simply,
And unmistakably,
What is,
I have been,
I have witnessed,
I have been imprisoned,
In the timeless,
Commonly never opened,
Nor revealed,
Vermin infested part of the mind,
Where what we commonly know as darkness,
Is light,
Leaving nothing out of sight,
No boundaries,
No filter,
All monsters roam free,
There is nowhere to hide,
And they are all after Me,
If you don’t believe,
Stay blissfully in denial,
If intrigued,
I warn You,
Stay away,
You are free,
This is a place of horror,
That you do not want to visit,
Or see,
Because there is no coming back,
It has a hold of many,
And has brutally captured Me,
Life now,
Will never be the same as it used to be.


Is it really appropriate to intimidate me?
To interrogate me?
I am being polite,
Trying to comply,
And somewhat realise,
That any help you may offer,
It will only work,
If I also help myself.
But when I say that your questions are to much,
Why do you pretend not to hear me?
On and on,
Beating out a response.
Like a tight knitted rope,
Doused in petrol,
Lit with fire.
You strike me with every question mark,
Repeatedly until you get some kind of answer!
The truth is…
This notion does not seem to satisfy you,
So seemingly with annoyance,
You keep disturbing my rest,
Which is baffling to me,
As ultimately the more interruptions,
The less I will be able to process.
Many a new faces,
From all sorts of departments and places,
Parade in and ask me the same old questions.
I respond,
But in all truth,
I have no recollection of what I have said.
Every time you ambush me,
Instead of pushing,
And recounts,
To the forefront of my head,
You push them back,
Deep down,
And I fear,
To the point of no return!
To you,
It is all about,
Text books,
Rules and regulations,
Case loads,
Just another name,
Another number to file,
All the while I am suffering,
And no one understands.
I don’t kick off,
Throw things around,
And dish out verbal abuse,
Because that is not my nature,
But believe me,
I feel it all inside.
It may look like I am content,
Taking it all in my stride,
But read between the lines,
Communicate on my level,
Make it known that you understand,
Because thus far,
You have only weighed me down,
And without assistance very soon,
I know that I am going to drown!