Relationships Awry… Seperation Without An Explanation Or Goodbye!

How is it possible,
To drift apart as far as we have?
The thought alone,
Makes me very sad!
Is it punishment?
A loss of effection?
This brutal wedge was not my intention.
My lack of perfection,
Has caused this rejection.
We weren’t two,
But one,
Now that bond has gone.
My illness has broken many things,
But the worst is loosing you,
My special someone,
And I fear that this is something that we cannot come back from.


They wrapped me up in a swaddle,
Deceived me with molly coddle,
Only to drop me right back in the thick of it.
False comfort,
Sugar coated lies,
This scenario is forcing me anti-clockwise,
And now I realise,
They don’t understand,
They don’t empathise,
They don’t care!
And for those that do,
Your silence gives me even more pain,
It’s not your fault,
You haven’t a clue what to do,
And I am sorry for what I put you through,
Believe me this is true.
This pain is unbearable,
Seemingly unbreakable,
And you can think or insinuate that I am full of high demands,
But I am not.
Decay will always rot,
Whether we acknowledge this or not!