New Years Eve

Being thirty two,
New Years Eve is nothing new,
Same old thing,
Getting drunk and seeing the new year through.
Watching the forever changing hands of the clock,
Tick Tock,
The countdown carries us from old to new,
Already putting pressure on ourselves,
Declaring resolutions about what we will,
What we won’t,
What we plan to do.
This year I have Cinderella fever,
I want to go to the ball,
Have a little dance is all,
But I have Scrooge Itus,
And don’t want to pay,
Getting older,
I now realise the value of saving cash for a rainy day.
Yet it is New Years Eve,
2016 is ending,
Out with the old and in with the new,
2017 is coming no matter what I do,
And I wish a very happy New Year to all of you.

XX No One

My Prayer Is Strong…

Gently bathing her,
Intimately easing off the dirt,
It melted off like hot butter.
As I scrubbed,
And polished her.
With every layer of skin,
She released all within,
She revealed her true self to me,
Her tongue set free.
This old and frail shell,
Had many stories to tell.
Under the spotlight,
She spoke of all of her secrets kept.
To know them,
I understand why perhaps she has said and done things that she never should,
I think anyone would,
She is no saint,
But a goddess to me.
A strong and undeterred survivor,
Yet a fragile child within,
Tangled in webs of lie’s,
And sin.
It would not be easy to walk in the shoe’s that she has lived in.
Sometimes harsh and brash,
Mind games,
She could dismiss you like trash.
But time and time again,
No matter what,
Or when,
I will always go back to her,
Again and again,
Forgive her,
Again and again,
Because this frail creature,
With a sharp and snake like tongue,
Once independent and strong,
Is getting older,
Knocking on.
Many obstacles in life she has overcome,
But time is not one that anyone can run from.
I vow to be a shoulder for her to lean upon.
Unconditionally I love her,
And I will try to be there for her,
Our love and bond together is strong,
I want her in my life,
Not to be gone.
So the universe and angels,
It is you I call upon,
May it be selfish,
Or selfless,
My prayer is strong,
I do not want to loose her or for her to be gone!

6 deaths in 11months…

6 deaths in 11months,
They do say that these things all come at once,
I can’t understand it,
It’s just so sad,
Think about it to much and it will turn you mad.
I feel like things should ground to a halt,
If we shout loud and protest,
It’s got to be someone’s fault!?
Why these people keep leaving I do not know.
Is there a Heaven?
I truely hope so.
A place of rest?
Or happiness?
Until we walk in the shadow of death,
We will never know,
If there is such a place,
They all very much deserve to go!