Sky Lantern

You chose me,
You nurtured me,
You gave me warmth,
Mislead me with false hope,
I thought I finally had a home,
A place to anchor,
I bestowed all of my love and trust in you,
I really did love you!
And what did you do?
You let me go!
When you let me go I hoped for rain,
But the air stayed dry,
Like your eyes,
Like your heart.
I shone brighter then the stars in the sky,
I made sure of it,
You watched me,
But not for as long as you could,
You then turned your back on me,
Deep down I knew you would!
In sorrow I kept drifting,
Drifting alone,
I shall forever be,
Until my flame burns out.

Psychosis is not welcome, get the message …

Hey You!
Over there!
Over there!
Come here,
I mean you are already here more then I care for,
But come here,
Face to face.
Bring it on,
Let’s have some confrontation,
No more dictation,
Good old fashioned communication.
I’m done with you leading me astray with your manipulate ways.
I want you out of my life,
And so I can move forward and have better days.