Everything you need to know about being sectioned…

I may have blogged about this before, but it was from the perspective of my own research. Today I give you facts, straight from a mental health nurses mouth…
Below are the current facts about each type of section.
5.4 6hrs holding power. Issued by psychiatric nurses for psychiatric inpatients only.
5.2 72hrs holding power. Issued by mental health doctors.
A) Section 2. 28days holding power. Impatient assessment period.
B) Section 3. Up to 6months. Usually given to people who have been in hospital before and have a mental health history.
C) Informal. Voluntary hospital admittance. The length depends on the individual and their circumstances.
136 72hrs issued by the police.
37.41 Forensic. This does not have a set time but you can be held upto 3months without personal consent whilst the crime is assessed. These patients are put into a medium secure unit.

I hope that this information provides Some clarity for you. I myself have been threatened but not actually sectioned. I have always been informal. I have also known patients to get their section reduced or cancelled for being compliant and practicing good behaviour. If you operate in a respectful manor and co-operate, depending on one’s circumstance, it appears that sections can be quite flexible. They are put in place for the safety of an individual, not to punish people.


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