Ain’t Ever Coming Back

Upsy Daisy,
Upside Down,
Whilst Life Is Spinning Round And Round,
Once Head Strong,
Old Head On Young Shoulders,
Instead Of Progression,
Dropped Down To Regression,
A Child Again.
Old Head,
Young Mind,
How It Happened I Cannot Describe,
But I Hope To Figure It All Out With You By My Side.
I Can’t Afford Nor Manage A Compromise.
Off Track.
Ran Off The Road.
Not Like You.
I Will Strive To Get On The Right Side.
Stop Standing Still,
Or Going Backwards,
And Find The Yellow Brick Road,
That Leads To The Gold And All Things Shiny And Nice.
God Forbid I Loose My Way Again.
Go Down The Wrong Path.
This Route Twice Over,
I Could Not Hack.
If I Find The Strength,
I Ain’t Ever Coming Back.

Together Somehow

I am aware that I can get carried away,
I see the light in you.
Our individual circumstances are far from perfect,
But I see your imperfections in a positive light,
You could still be perfect for me.
Helping each other would therefore help ourselves.
Being together without any substance but water,
Could have been catastrophic.
Together somehow,
We came together.
I don’t know whether we want, need or have the strength to commit.
But I know that something is there and we got to ride it.
Together in a bubble of music,
A bubble of conversation,
And restrained penetration,
We fit.
And so lets hold on,
Enjoy the rush of the fast train,
And see where we end up.
No lies,
No fabrication,
Just truth and honesty,
Will lead us to our destiny.
Whether we still fit or go out separate ways,
Life with you now,
In the midst of ill health,
With you around,
I see better days to come.

1st part of Dear Daddy Walters no filter, trying to play uke at Inspired by Pink, “Dear Mr President” – SoundCloud

Listen to 1st part of Dear Daddy Walters no filter, trying to play uke at Inspired by Pink, “Dear Mr President” by jadebl3 #np on #SoundCloud

I have tried to extend my love of writing and fuse it with music a few times now but this time I was inspired to twist and adapt lyrics that were already in a song, I ripped up, tore apart an already incredibly moving script of heartfelt words and added a bit of personal woe to recreate a song that is not to old but slightly forgotten. The link  is an early edition,  sneak preview. I intend to get input off a group of musicians very dear to me and tear it up  in the studio and so keep an ear out xxx

A message to you the support. ..

Some day’s it is near impossible to get out of bed, the illness consumes you, wraps itself around you like poison ivy and holds you as its prisoner.

Some nights you can’t get to sleep, you become irritable, sensitive, emotional and riddled with pain.
You let yourself go, barely look in the mirror because you anticipate the the mess of a reflection, the unidentifiable being looking back at you.
Sometimes going out and about, talking to people, seeing friends and family is barable.
A lot of the time you can’t bare to see anyone out of fear that your misery will spread.
People think depression is just wallowing in your own self pity, they take no time to understand it, understand you! Only when people become unwell and hospitalised or commit suucide, those people are the first to say, “I never knew, why did she/he not tell me?”
You don’t need to understand mental health, if you want to, there are so many books, internet sights, groups that you can reach. Just remember every case is different, Just be there consistantly for the people that you love. Love, company, understanding… all of that comfort and possitivity can sace lives!
Thanks for reading,
noone xx