Central Park Five

Five young boys,
In the wrong place,
At the wrong time.
Judged for being none other than being themselves.
Five young boys,
Doing what boys do,
Judged by others,
Accused of doing wrong,
What they weren’t supposed to.
A white woman attacked,
Verbatim hacked,
Accusations being thrown at,
Youth’s because they are black,
From a lower class.
Watch the interviews back,
Listen to the probes,
As white privilege is abused,
In order to frame these black Youth’s.
Running and hiding from the police,
Does not a criminal make,
They were scared,
Out a little to late,
Which was a convenient set up,
For the interrogators,
To twist,
And manipulate.
Never in trouble before,
Strangers to the wrong side of the law,
Support was not put into place,
They were Judged for their race,
An easy way to “solve” the case.
Childhood lost,
Never to be regained.
There was no innocent until proven guilty,
They were framed.

Boy’s Don’t Cry

I had a blue day today, I was just both physically and mentally exhausted. I couldn’t really sleep last night, despite being super tired! I’ve had a few negative thoughts running around my head and it scared me a little. I have not long come out of hospital and when that happens and you feel off, you can’t help but panic that you are going to loose control again. Luckily I had a home visit from a mental health nurse from , “The Oleaster, Home Treatment Team” today and I must applaud them. They are all so lovely and extremely helpful. The nurse told me not to panic, as everyone has blue day’s! That reminder was helpful, I may not process emotions as well as others but it is comforting to know that it is not I alone, who occasionally just feels off.
My support worker also visited today, instead of talking or sorting out this and that, I picked out four movies. She took one away, then I and then she again and we ended up with, “Boy’s Don’t Cry”. Well it is one of my favourite movies, although it is based on a true story and horrifically sad, it is one of those films that helps you put your own life into prospective. It always makes me cry. My support worker definitely got more then she bargained for. She left in shock.
Please read no further if you do not know the outcome and want to either explore the story of Brandon Teena aka Teena Brandon or watch the movie in tribute, ” Boy’s Don’t Cry”.
In memory of Brandon Teena, Lisa Lambert and Philip Divine, I have wrote a poem…

Diversity Is Not A Crime

I’ve seen him in the flesh,
He’s a man and so leave him alone,
Your acting like kid’s in a crèche,
But your sticks and stones ain’t broke no bone!
So leave it,
You’ve had your say,
Let’s be done with it,
Just go away!
John Lotter and Tom Nissen,
They just wouldn’t listen.
Beaten, Raped and Beaten again,
He had to fleet to a safe house for protection.
He was brave enough to press charges,
But all hell had broken loose,
It was pure carnage.
“Why do you run around with boy’s if you’re a girl yourself!?”
Said the sheriff who didn’t care,
And put the case on the shelf.
He had a sexual identity crisis,
He wasn’t a terrorist from ISIS!
Three lives lost,
Was the cost of this ignorant misunderstanding,
“Brandon Teena”, ” Lisa Lambert” and “Philip Divine”,
Perhaps now it would have been different?
A different place?
A different time?
Diversity is not a crime!