To those that loved Amy…

Amy was a fully grown Alsation,
But there is no salvation in her departure.
She had the qualities of a child,
So humble,
Very loyal,
And honest.
Her character,
A reflection of her upbringing,
Not just a dog,
Nor man’s best friend,
Far from an average pet,
But a daughter,
A sister,
Dedicated to loving and protecting all of her family.
She had her role all figured out,
She was obedient,
But also elegant with a little sass,
Which is why she was so unique,
And will be extremely memorable to all!
Amy was special,
Her passing is a tragedy
One I can’t yet comprehend,
It makes no sense to me,
How loosing her can possibly be true and fair.
She had a huge presence throughout the house,
And her spirit will remain there,
Without a doubt.
Store those memories,
Collect those pictures and video’s,
And keep them safe,
In an accessible place.
Sometimes grief makes us forget,
Delete out of fear of eternal pain,
Evokes suffering and regret.
But one day the tears will stop,
The sadness will lift,
And you will be able to smile and reminisce,
Become strong enough to be nostalgic without anger,
Or spite,
You will then believe me when I say she hasn’t all gone away,
Her presence and powerful spirit will never leave you,
Because she was a part of you,
And there is nothing, anyone or anything can do to break that,
She will always be by your side,
Please remember that!

For My Mother…

When you look into the eyes of a loved one after a mental health episode, it is emotionally suffocating. You see the pain that you have caused them reflect from their over dilated pupils. The stains from tears upon their cheeks and heavy bags from lack of sleep. They look worse off then you do. Not being a mother myself, I cannot fathom the pain that I have put her through and only hope that she knows causing her pain whilst suffering from a poorly brain, is not what I intended to do. Nothing that you can say or do can cancel, delete or take away the emotional scarring that you have lasered upon them. All words of apology, any type of explanation disintegrate before they reach her ears because you have awakened her deepest fears. Unintentionally or not, the damage has already been done. Once in a state of clarity, I now see and acknowledge the wrongs that I have done and apologise whole heartedly. Please know that I love you and accept the damage that I have done. You are my Mum, my home and where I came from.