To Mr X…

I wish that I could do casual as easy as you do,
Terminate catching feelings before they get you.
I am not sure where your heads at,
You’ve got baggage,
I acknowledge that,
And you know that I do too,
But that doesn’t stop me from wanting to have fun with you,
Wanting to chill with you,
Wanting to be around you,
Part of me feels like you are oblivious,
Not purposefully mysterious,
But simply scared of being serious,
But life is short,
And connections like ours,
I cannot abort,
Rejection and pride,
Are holding me back,
But I cannot ignore the fact,
That I truely am,
Into you.

I Do…

I hate conflict,
Yet I still seem to make people upset,
For this I apologise,
I promise it is not my intention.
Perhaps I struggle with boundaries,
Perhaps I am to easily trusting,
Far to dependant,
A little wreck less,
Or all of the above,
But my intentions are pure,
Of this I can assure you.
I seek enemy’s not,
I want people to adore.
Despite being fully consumed with love to give,
Without personal choice,
I do struggle with receiving it.
I welcome love.
I want to be loved.
I think I deserve it.
A romantic relationship,
Air tight friendships.
But the reality is,
Some of us are simply not destined for love,
Intensely misunderstood,
And therefor undesirable.
What can I do,
But be honest and true,
You cannot make someone love you!
The notion of saying, “I DO”,
Seems increasingly untrue,
The baby that I crave,
Just a dream,
But I am still holding onto some hope,
That things may evolve more positively then things have been,
And currently seem.