Friends since eleven years old,


Pure Gold,

Wonderful and genuine we were,

It was easy.

Yet you dismissed me,

Cut me off abruptly,

Randomly terminated all that we were.


It seems that I will never know,

But you should know,

I loved you!



 Known for beauty,

desired by all,

signs of good health.


A symbol of strength.

To take it away deprives one of beauty,

to conceal it makes one wonder,

to loose it brings great sadness.

To steal it from a child is nothing but cruel.

To take it from a woman leaves much room to mourn.

Time has not healed or given fortune of regrowth.

A burden concealed is as harsh as a burden exposed.



She sat on the park bench,

Surrounded by a huge puddle,

Feet toasty and warm in her wellington boots,

She gently tapped and splashed in the water,

The Calm Sea,

The ocean,

Trying to glide across,

Tiptoe and step above the water,

Sinking everytime,

She still believed it possible,

With this hope,

She went on to do great and unimaginable things.

so called friend!

Time laid no burden,

It was as if it hadn’t passed.

We talked playfully and shared



Our past.

Fun times we had and I thought more

to come,


It ended.

No more fun times to come.

I’ll always remember how we met and

how we were.

When feeling reminiscent,

Only good times I shall look upon.