Love is an element,
Love is power,
Love is a gift,
Love can be the hardest addiction to kick,
Life is questionable without it.
Some people have all the love,
Some have never been without it,
Those without are in constant pursuit,
Society questions those whom claim to not know of it.
Love can be a blessing or a curse.
Love is a root.
Love can end all war,
But also ignite it.
I love others easy,
I love others hard,
I love when uninvited,
Most of my love is unrequited,
This is true even within myself,
But love is the greatest feeling,
That I simply don’t have the power to deprive from,
Nor would I ever want to stop from giving it to everyone else.
Love can wreak havoc,
Cause pain and strife,
But also empower,
Love is life.

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