Inevitable Passing But Ironically Too Soon…

She lay as fragile and delicate as the salty tears that drummingly fell upon her aching chest,
Beyond her understanding she silently confessed the regrets of her passing,
Although it had not happened yet.
Incomprehensible to the well and living,
Only accessible to those departing,
Still overwhelming,
Yet strangely accepting,
She accessed knowledge that her passing was on the horizon.
After so many years not wanting to live,
Ironic now she did not want to die,
But the ticking of the heart,
Knows not of the mind,
Has no emotion,
No pause,
Fast forward,
Nor rewind,
Only to grind on,
And on,
Until it stops,
Mentally or emotionally ready or not.
Immortality is not a reality,
And the only inevitability is that every living being,
Will become a corpse and rot,
No matter on how time is spent,
Ready or not.
A burden of a secret,
Too heavy to share,
She chose to be alone,
In her passing and despair.

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