The most great inexplicable and immeasurable gift…

When we have it,
We waste it,
Unknowingly take it forgranted.
Some call it a gift,
Others a curse.
Only truly aware of it,
When it is almost lost and gone,
Then ready to bargin and haggle for more,
At any cost,
Memories we draw upon,
Regretful of decisions,
Paths taken,
Mistakes mistaken.
Hearing those before us too late,
Seeing now,
Just how precious a gift,
Life truely is,
When loved ones are stolen,
Or we ourselves must go,
All the downers,
Hard times,
Our troubles become rotten,
Easy to dispose of,
And happily forgotten,
In hope of more.
Mistake or destiny,
We unknowingly just get what we are given,
I know not much about second chances,
Or stories rewritten.
We get one shot.

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