Never Look Back…

I’m Loud,
But I’m quiet.
I’m strong,
But I’m weak.
Some see me as whole,
But some see me as incomplete.
I am a Gemini,
A sign often paired with deceit,
I prefer to embrace the ability to hop scotch from foot to both feet.
I’m neither rough nor neat.
I’m neither small nor big.
I simply am!
I find it hard to lie and scam.
As I pray to those around and above,
I usually ask for abundance of love,
And loyalty,
Yet contradictory I have received alot of emotional cruelty.
I struggle to forget,
When made to feel upset,
Therefore I cannot let go,
Nor truely forgive.
In receipt of wrong doings,
It is I that feel guilty,
You skip along,
Move on,
And it is I left in purgatory.
In order to move fluidly with the ocean tide,
I must let go,
As if you are dead to me,
But I cannot erase you from my memory,
You played a huge part in my autobiography,
So I’ll place you in the category of history.
The annoyance of feeling guilty is just part of my anatomy,
But I can sleep because it is you who did wrong to me.
I must leave my cards on the table,
And never look back.

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