Radio 5/ YouTube get involved with all things adiaryfromnoone

So firstly I am so excited to know that I am still getting regular traffic on this website and that my words are appealing.
For a bit of a change, all 2021 should things go to plan… I will be releasing weekly video’s about mental health in hope of making people feel less alone.
My YouTube channel is adiaryfromnoone and you’ll want to check out the BPD playlist for new material.
All my social media is adiaryfromnoone
I have also started to build a safe space and place to chat to like minded souls about your woes and feelings, troubles, achievements etc. Please join Facebook Group; MENTAL HEALTH CHAT
Here’s a link to my latest YouTube upload. Is it a story about psychosis or the supernatural!? I think both.
Lastly… TONIGHT BBC RAFIO 5 LIVE from 5.45pm I should pop up and share some of my pandemic and mental health struggles andvthoughts on racial disparity. So please tune in ❤️

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