Be Gone, I search for better days.

Some days it’s like you were never ever with me at all,
Others feel like you are glued to me,
You were not invited,
I think some people think I have the control,
When in fact you do.
You are too familiar,
You are overwhelming,
Over powering me,
Tearing me apart from the inside out.
I have no doubt in my mind that you are real,
I know admitting this makes me seem weak,
And so I suffer in silence,
I do not condole your violence,
Your over dominant persona,
Your unnecessary criticism,
And just can’t figure out how to rid of you,
Hush you,
Reject and abandon you,
Because you are the one and only reason I would have or could ever need to associate with that,
And apply that to my life.
But your troublesome ways,
Hit me first with a shock,
Now your venom seeps through never ending,
Poisening me constantly,
No cure yet found to cut permanent ties with you,
Only to sedate you.
Days like today,
I have no strength to hide you,
We are one,
You are so strong,
I am the host to you,
The imposter,
How I wish you’d be gone,
Go back to where hence you came from,
Probably a devilish hell,
Where depression leeches,
Anxiety beetles,
Paranoia spiders,
Snakes of dissociation,
Bat’s of psychosis,
Are born,
And released from.

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