At the bottom of my left arm, Which I usually cover up entirely,
For the sake of those around me,
To avoid judgement,
When I have been unstable and unable to fight,
Come near to the end,
My scars are proof,
That I cannot ignore,
Nor pretend,
They do exist,
And remain permanently,
They lead you through my history,
That I should not be shy for you to see,
As they are a huge part of me.
Now lies a ring that shines like all the stars have been lit up in the galaxy,
To guide me through my destiny,
After all the rejection and neglect,
I have now found the man who sees no challenge,
Whom loves me unconditionally with pride and not an ounce of regret.
Alas we must make it down the Isle yet,
But he loves me,
Come what may,
The challenges I must endure in recovery,
Shall not break me,
Break we,
That is a destination we shall triumph to excel and success.

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2 Replies to “We…”

  1. Let no man…
    Break we !!
    Remember those words on your road to recovery!!
    You deserve some happiness!!
    Go for it !!
    Much love xx

  2. Gender bares no hindrance on my emotions,
    Tis love that is my ecstasy,
    That pumps euphoria through me,
    Enabling me to pursue happiness on my road to recovery.
    The more love,
    Physical support,
    Mental support that I have,
    Helps me flourish.
    Makes me perish.
    Like attracts like,
    I have always had an abundance of love to give,
    Be it a gift,
    Be it a curse,
    When reciprocated I am more able.
    This is not any man,
    But THEE man,
    That knows I am already broken,
    But is happy to help me up,
    When I fall down,
    Fill the gaps,
    When I crack,
    Holds me when I weep,
    I already am broken,
    But he has the superglue.
    He is shy with others,
    Suspicious even,
    He does not give himself upto strangers,
    But he has let me in,
    And he is wonderful,
    My soulmate,
    Now together,
    We cannot separate.
    I understand your desire,
    For me to be independent and strong,
    No matter what is romantically going on,
    But this is more than romance.
    It’s about someone knowing when I am weak and depressed,
    When I need a cuddle,
    When I need to talk,
    When silence is best.
    I know his happy face,
    Grumpy face,
    Tired voice,
    His laugh,
    He is my other half,
    I need that half to be complete.
    One day beyond the guard and wall,
    My soulmate,
    I hope you will meet.

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