Proud and honoured to say that we won baby!!!!!! My now dear friend @marverinecole won journalist of the year for #blackgirlsdontcry and so I am as proud as punch to have been involved in this original, very much needed to be spoken about documentary which explores #blackwomen #mentalhealth #mentalillness please have a listen and share. All media content of the night shall be posted on my Instagram in due cause. In the meantime please check out what I do best, which is raise #mentalhealthawareness via www.adiaryfromnoone.co.uk for the readers, “No One’s Lounge” via my #YouTuberChannel noone adiaryfromnoone for those that prefer to sit and watch.
I have suffered from #depression for more than half of my life, I was diagnosed at just 16 years old. I had a breakdown 2013 and got diagnosed with #BPD #borderlinepersonalitydisorder #EUPD and after bad times of self harming, suicide attempts, constant hospitalisation, I have managed to stay out of hospital for almost two years now, I am on a slow road to recovery and want to keep sharing my story to help others…
I am so impressed with @mindcharity for recognising, identifying, challenging, accepting the vast spectrum of mental illness and for championing and acknowledging those that are brave enough to share their stories. Apparently they have been for over 20 years. That is impressive. Together we are strong and as for next year, I hope to be a shortlister and to be invited to come along to cry, laugh, applaud, relate, be inspired, appreciate once more, next year 2020.

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