BBC Radio4 11am Friday 20/07/18

I want the topic of mental health to be accepted. For it to be considered normal and understood by all, young, old, gay, heterosexual, LGBT, black, white, all of the above and more, with absolutely no exception. As easy as the concept that we humans understand, and as mankind we accept unanimously; the Sun brings day and the Moon brings night! May there one day be a global acknowledgement that #mentalillness though it may sometimes be invisible, it is very much real, vast, powerful, all consuming, unavoidable, even arguably be contagious, with many variables at the roots, nature, nurture, genetics, there is one thing we know for sure… absolutely no one is immune, so let’s get honest and acquainted… how else may we learn and the become familiar!?
As noone adiaryfromnoone I am just trying to put some light where it is dark, share my truth and experience, comfort those who feel like they are misunderstood and alone, be truthful in honour of those who feel they must hide away, fly the flag for my fellow sufferers, inform the professionals from an emotional and less text book angle, educate the clueless pillars chosen to lean on. Let us not be ashamed. Let us not suffer alone. Let people gain knowledge before they judge and criticise. Let’s start with communication. Listen up…
“Black Girls Don’t Cry”

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