I do not claim to be worse off than you,
Neither do I claim to be better,
I am who I am,
I plead for clarity to translate,
That all I can do,
Is be myself.
I may preach somewhat,
Use language to inform and inspire,
Turning pain to power,
Yet I am no veteran,
I did not formally study psychology,
But what I have seen,
And where I have been,
No text book could teach you,
I have a fountain of knowledge,
It runs through my veins,
I let my tap flow,
With pure intent,
To nurture all,
As at some point,
We all may fall,
My resources are both learnt and earnt from experience,
The pain that I endure,
You may think my weakness,
But I have always cared for others more than myself,
And so my misfortune is another man’s wealth,
I am no saint,
Nor do I vow to be,
Yet I am more humble than a sinner,
I genuinely want you to overcome and be a winner,
But I must also admit that,
Sharing with you,
Allows me to process too.
I hope to encourage progress if nothing more,
A familiar stranger from whom to draw,
When all seems lost and said and done,
Perhaps my insight will help you over come,
The boogie man that holds you down,
Whilst stealing the best parts of you,
Erasing your smile,
Stamping you with a frown,
Whilst your whole world turns upside down,
Your spirit and soul taken,
Whilst your cocoon is left to drown.

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