mental health awareness is available to all…

Please don’t be naive enough to believe that your ignorance has no significance,
You are exactly the type of person that I am trying to reach,
And I beseech that you reablack
Then think on,
And help me wake up the population,
Spread awareness about the situation,
Of the often misunderstood representation,
Of the current mysterious topic,
Which is,
Mental Health!
With all of the cures that chemical science and medicine have created,
After centuries of trials and errors,
History repeats itself time and time again,
It takes us time to learn,
And in that time our ancestors have repeatedly made mistakes,
Ignoring the facts,
And evidence of what was,
Distracted by miracles and prophesies,
Of what could,
We have hoped,
And we have waited,
Unbeknownst to us,
That in order for improvement,
Less mistakes,
And explanations,
All along we had to learn from the past,
To not repeat the same mistakes as before,
And draw from positive revelations,
With the intent of moving forward,
Along the right paths,
That have previously been paved for us to do so,
And editing the seeds from once before,
Have opened the door,
To a future.
As history repeats itself,
Someone realised,
That we must filter the gold from the dust,
In order to make a promising change for us,
In this present day we have evolved from the past,
Making possibilities for a better future,
We must acknowledge and learn from our mistakes,
If we want change to improve,
And last.
All but centuries ago,
Perhaps not so long,
People like me would be captured,
Suited and booted in white restraint jackets,
And assulted,
For not being right in the head.
There was no diagnosis,
No understanding,
And of cause no treatment,
Until someone intelligent was kind enough to begin assessment,
To dissect mental health,
Like they do every other aspects of health,
Mountains of information have always been available,
Once shunned,
Finally discovered,
This neurological illness was similar to every physical other,
A sickness,
Not a weakness,
A symptom of genetics,
A malfunction,
A gift,
Not a curse,
Not a choice,
But a complicated branch of ill health,
Not something one chooses for them self.
Now we have access to treatment,
To lessen the symptoms endured.
There may not yet,
Or ever be a cure,
But there is enough information out there,
For you not to be ignorant and ignore.
The human brain feeds off knowledge and wisdom,
Yet the amount available may seem to much,
Initiate fear,
The truth is not always pretty,
We long for fairytale dreams and happy endings,
But the fear of the unknown causes panic and disaster,
Because the past implies that we don’t all get the happy ever after,
But ignorance is not a blanket of security,
No matter the scale of obscurity.
Turn your backs,
Close your eyes,
Live in fear,
Or denial and spread your lies,
But mental health is part of all of us,
Reep form the benefits of information humans have on the subject,
And be aware of it,
Because no one is immune,
It points at me now,
But it could be you or your loved one’s soon,
Perhaps not inevitable,
But certainly possible,
Would you not like to try to understand it,
And so you can try to handle it?
Just as now a day’s,
Women check their breasts,
And men their testicles,
For the big,
That used to straight up kill everybody,
Until research played a part in saving lives,
When we stopped to learn from the past,
Instead of just repeating it,
Such procedures have been taught and learnt,
Only now,
People aren’t always dying in vain,
And the principles are the same,
For mental health,
A now medically accepted condition,
Not voodoo,
Or black magic,
A legitimate condition,
After years of study and observation,
Problems shared,
May equate to problems solved,
We can learn from those that are open,
Help them dodge bullets,
And perhaps smile,
Because humans are acknowledging the past,
And learning today,
For a brighter tomorrow,
It’s no secret,
With open minds,
And humble acceptance,
We can slowly progress,
And end this cycle,
Of cluelessness,
Ill health,
And sorrow.

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