The Gym!!!!

I go to the gym to exercise,
Not socialise,
Excuse me if that is a bizarre notion,
But I go to focus,
Shake off the commotion,
Not to hook up,
Or make friends.
Ear plugs in,
Eye’s forward,
Usually enjoying the action on the TV screen,
Whilst working out hard on a machine,
Wrapped up in a self made bubble,
To avoid interaction or trouble,
I don’t mean to be mean,
But things are like they seem,
Yet you still choose to intrude,
Perhaps not intending to be rude,
Maybe I am a prude,
But you invade my privacy,
Openly analyse me,
Feel it appropriate,
To ask questions that are intimate,
In a public place.
If we have to communicate,
A nod of the head,
Or a hello,
A comment on the weather,
Will suffice,
Not analysis,
And your opinions and advice.
I don’t want your lack of boundaries to set off my triggers,
My paranoia to kick in,
And so I start mistaking heavy breathing,
For sniggers.
The gym for me,
Is not a social place,
It’s my escape space,
And I don’t want you all up in my business.
Of cause being typically British,
I reluctantly engage with you,
Trying to be polite,
Instead of saying,
“Fuck off, back off, you are talking shite!”
But if you keep pushing,
One day I might!

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