The Symphony Of Life… Link to hear it below…

Do we have the ability to compose our own symphony?
If not,
Once taught,
We can learn to read a score.
Should intrigue and desire trigger our experimental behaviour?
Whether we are slack and have a wondering mind,
Is that a mistake?
If so,
Can that can be rectified?
As one’s self?
Or perhaps with guidance?
Or is it simply a stroke of genius of which only certain ears can understand?
Perhaps not even your own!
Experimental individuality.
May we choose to improvise,
Filter through trial and error,
Interpret our own sounds,
Hit a bum note,
Try something else.
The pressure of complete perfection is hard to maintain.
Is God the maestro?
Our souls,
The orchestra?
Should we be segregated by pitch?
Or united by harmony?
Work solo or in a choir?
We may all aspire to play until the ship sinks,
In constant pursuit of a crescendo,
Not knowing when or how it may end though,
The tension builds,
Sound fills the room,
And together we share.
People may come and go from scale to scale,
We may roam until we find our home,
Crash into percussion,
Contemplate over strings and keys,
Pray as we blow brass,
Bare our soul with woodwinds,
Master the realms of our divine vocals,
But with endurance we will find and play our part eventually.
Anticipate applause as a reward,
Fear that we may fail,
But we strive to play until the red curtains close,
Beyond that,
Nobody knows!

Listen to The Symphony Of Life .wav by noone adiaryfromnoone #noone #SoundCloud

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