Tits Up!

When you meet someone special,
Someone wonderful,
When getting along is easy.
When friendship exceeds the complications of romantic feelings,
Stands beside the loyalties that we share with blood,
Those relationships are hard to come by,
When and if you find it,
You must hold on,
Not take it for granted,
And celebrate arm in arm.
This is still life though,
We are still humans,
And humans make mistakes,
You forget something important about them,
Miss their call,
Bicker about politics and opposing beliefs.
No qualm’s at all would be surreal,
We usually quarrel with those closest to us,
And not bothered by others because they mean nothing at all.
Bickering is fine.
Reducing someone to tears is not.
Comical and reciprocal teasing is fine,
Bullying and targeting the weakness of another is not.
Exploding with an enormous bang out of the blue,
And blaming,
Your friends,
Would all be inappropriate,
But what ever!
Your best friend though!?
There are no excuses,
It is all wrong.
To then proceed into aggravating this person so much that they have to leave,
In the dark,
In the middle of what they believe to be nowhere….
A woman left alone,
Unaware of where she is,
In the middle of the night!?
No amount of intoxication,
Or anger,
Would ever make that scenario acceptable,
Or right!
You are unwell,
This I try to understand,
Often lending you a supportive hand,
The irony is,
I gave you a supportive push that night,
Helped clear the dark and shed some light.
You seemed to forget that,
Treating me with zero appreciation and spite.
You know that I am sensitive,
Emotionally unstable,
That the wires in my brain aren’t right.
You know that I am soppy and hate to fight.
Two people,
Their were two of us that you could pick on,
But I am the one that you spat your bile upon.
Kicked to the curb,
In a terrible mess,
This bright night soon turned to darkness.
And weak,
In disbelief,
You made me feel like dirt,
And rejected,
My two major issues,
And triggers.
In an instant,
Broken hearted,
Verbally abused.
I was just starting to see some light,
Eating right,
It got turned around,
Upside down,
And my progress steps to right,
Disintegrated into shite,
Leaving me in hospital for the night.
I am not sure we can move forward from here.
I gave you company when you were down,
Together we did music,
Hung around,
Had stuff in common,
Got along.
The day at the Zoo,
The birthday card and cake that I thoughtfully gave to you!
You took me to the dental hospital,
Helped me when I was down,
Came to visit me in hospital.
I thought we were making memories,
Memories to look back upon.
Unfortunately now they will be forever tainted.
The idea of the termination of our friendship,
Is something that I never would have contemplated.
I will remember the good times fondly.

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