His name was, David…

I didn’t see,
Blinded by infatuation,
I didn’t realise,
Easily manipulated,
I didn’t know,
Stupidly innocent.
You sort me out,
The weak,
Those without confidence,
The innocent,
The desperate for love,
I was an easy catch,
Desperate for love in every form.
But to you,
I was a rag doll,
A punch bag,
Easy prey,
And I suffered at the hands of your voodoo and acid tongue.
Like a vampire,
You sunk your Teeth into me,
Draining all of my strength,
The power leading to my recovery.
Your ambition was to control me,
Lure me in with a false sense of security.
Your true colours showed eventually,
And thank goodness that there was an escape for me!

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