Cut Down The Suicide

Play your part in raising awareness for mental health, even if that just means sharing my link…

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2 Replies to “Cut Down The Suicide”

  1. Thank you Jade for sharing.
    I hear you.
    With such articulation and clarity you allow understanding to take place.
    Thank you.

    1. It is both my honour and pleasure that I have managed to reach you and make sense. I am on a mission to raise mental health awareness but is so hard to reach people when you try to share the hushed and unspoken. People prefer celebrity make ups and break ups to the real life stuff that matters. Still, that does not deter me. If I make one person feel like they are nit alone and can identify with my experiences, if one person simply learns about the reality of living with bad mental health, I am willing to share and it almost makes the pain and suffering completely worth while! I have just started with YouTube but you can find a few vlog’s on there plus my Facebook page and Twitter under the same name, adiaryfromnoone
      Please do share with anyone that may find my experiences interesting and helpful xx
      No One

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