An ode to Mrs and Mister Rochester

To be read in nothing but RP (Received Pronunciation… The Queens English) This story is my favourite of all, the book, the film, I love it.

What an unlikely pair,
The gentleman so dark and lady so fair.
His lavish riches exuberated his exterior,
Her modesty reflected by her attire.
He had the wealth, riches and luxuries of a king,
Absolutely everything was available to him.
She was plain, humble and wanted for nothing,
Having no desire for pearls, riches, jewels and content with the simple things in life.
He was more than familiar with the full nature of a woman,
She completely unfamiliar with the opposite sex,
An innocent virgin in ore and under his spell.
He ranked high in society and seemingly wanted for nothing,
She simply wanted to work, teach and earn her keep.
He beckoned for her often,
Her obligation soon became an infatuation,
His curiosity soon became a necessity.
Class, age, place and culture should have been an obstacle,
Yet the two became like magnets,
Drawn to one another,
They formed love for one another.
Yet he had a secret both deadly and true,
He neglected honesty,
And waltzed Jane into a nest of deceit woven by lies and a false sense of security.
To know the full story,
As I do,
It conjures up a little sympathy within me.
Mr Rochester was seduced by a Caribbean witch,
A Banshee by night,
An actress by day,
With support from her family,
He was spiralled into their play,
He cluelessly married an untame stray.
He tried to conceal and handle it,
Yet this mistress was not easy to tame,
Wild Bertha in the attic was hidden and detained.
He kept it a secret,
Humoured all the socialites,
Especially the females sniffing around,
Quite obviously wanting to be his wife.
Nothing untoward,
No false propositions,
He entertained the attention,
But had no intention of loving such a woman.
His loyalties begrudgedly lay with the beast.
Poor Mr Rochester had written himself off,
Until Jane,
Miss Jane Eyre innocent, clever, proud, simple, kind, honest, truthful and fair had unintentionally creapt into his heart,
Just as sullen, curious, well meaning Mr Edward Rochester had into hers!

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