Our love for her will never expire… An epitaph for Aunty Rose

Mrs Josephine Meade AKA Aunty Rose
Aged 86: 26.07.29-14.04.16

The original, “Blackberry” (family joke)! One of three girls and one boy, to my knowledge. The quiet one. The least complicated of the girls. A devout Christian, so humble and spiritual. She loved to sing songs of worship, I recall hearing her sing as I walked through the corridor’s of Homerton Hospital trying to find her.

I remember holidaying to Montserrat (The Caribbean Island where she and her sibling’s were born) as a child, watching Aunty Rose, Nanny Sarah and Aunty Sister talk, laugh and share memories. It was an honour to see that, the elder generation and their unbelievable, unbreakable bond.

I remember her house, it was so old fashioned, the wall paper and the way that you had to walk through the living room and I think the kitchen, to get to the bathroom.

I know that she was a mother to Elvis, Vernon, Errol and Leona.

I remember the lenses on her glasses, the thickest of thick.

I remember her smile, her beautiful and radiant smile. That memory I will always keep locked in my heart.
May she rest in peace.

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