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I do not comprehend or understand how for those of you that I know personally, those of you that I love, will complain about me not saying what is wrong or how I feel, why can’t you just come onto this site and read it in black and white.
You cannot say that this is not personal because anyone and everyone has access, it is personal because I have written what is going on with me. I have always been the note writer, in avoidance of conflict or confrontation, as a way to communicate my issues in a solitary environment as to not get overcome by questions and come backs which cloud my original thought.
I really find it hard to vocally articulate what is wrong, sensitivity often makes my interpretation of one’s response block all that I mean and have to say. My point gets lost.
This site may be in reach of the public, anyone and everyone. I welcome that! That is what I want, to reach out to those that feel alone, that can identify, that want to help others and their loved ones.If my loved ones think that I can vocalise half of the truths on here, they will have to wait an eternity. If my loved ones have access to my thoughts, trails and tribulations and choose not to check in, especially if I am unwell and in crisis, it saddens me that you would rather stay oblivious or expect me to just come out and say it, rather then ignore this because you don’t like reading! Gee thanks! Communication is important but you must remember that it comes in many ways, this is one of them!

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  1. Jade you are brave. Period! More than you know. You have articulated well and I wish I could reach out and do the same.
    I wish you the best and will try to share your work as much as possible as your words go a long way. All the best

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