One Fine Day, We Shall Conquer…

Silver spooned,
Or hand to mouth,
All are put in the same playing field,
To battle it out.
Unequally prepped,
Unfairly placed,
All the kids must attend the race,
Put on a brave face,
Poker face.
So many unprepared.
The cheats,
The stars.
It isn’t fair,
And that is because it doesn’t have to be,
Yet we all must take part,
It’s obligatory.
If we want to move forward,
If we anticipate change,
We must place ourselves in the lanes,
And run the race of life.
People spend good money optimistically,
Determined that things wont change,
Putting odd’s on those that favour.
Thing’s can change,
They already are!
We shall learn the craft,
Put in good graft,
Take note from generation to generation.
And one fine day,
We shall conquer.

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