Christmas ? and New Years

It is incredible to reflect upon how far I have come since the trials and tribulations of this year, taking an over dose, being hospitalised, the trauma of hardcore psychosis and hallucinations,the tragic loss in my family, the departing of my therapist, the self harm. What a challenging year, 2015 has been, not so easy for me. Despite all of that, I have had a wonderful Christmas. Full of surprises, love, family, wine, over eating and smiles. I hope that you (the reader) have also enjoyed the festivities and holiday frolics.
I think that as important as moving on, moving forward, both is and can be, reflecting on the past and where we have come from, what we have been through is very important. We have to learn from our own mistakes and experiences in order to grow and develop.
I will never forget any of my mental health hospital experiences but one that sticks out was (if possible) an even more sad, harrowing challenging experience, was when I spent Christmas in a psychiatric hospital. I felt, alone, scared, unworthy and wanted to die. With love and support from friends and loved ones, I got through it. I have relapsed since, several times but Christmas in hospital is not the way forward.
This year I have seen friends, spent time with family, overcome with love and joy.It has been fantastic but I have not forgotten what was and I am aware that others will be having difficult times, feeling isolated, unloved and unimportant. As happy as I am for those of you who are fortunate enough to feel happy and loved this time of year, I cannot forget those who are struggling, who are isolated, who are miserable and suicidal. I reach out to those people and encourage them to keep moving forward, to hang on in there and embrace help. This is not an easy thing to admit, accept, deal with and so the people in their lives really need to keep an eye. Just one eye! This can save lives. It is difficult enough to accept help, let alone seek it and so endeavour to be mindful and supportive. Just a phone call, the smallest of gestures can save lives.
Should the people who suffer from mental health feel alone, inadequate, selfish and a burden to the people in their lives, seek help off the Samaritans, call 999 just to talk it out.
Happy New Year. Here’s to good health in 2016 ☺ x

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