“Kind Words”, from Mr John Phipps

The speech that will follow, was made by my Grandad John. The interviewer explains that he is chasing his fathers footsteps, from his younger days. The interviewer bumps into Mr Phipps at a local corner shop and quizzes him on the memory of his late fathers young attributes. At the end, Mr Phipps gave kind words to the interviewer, his family and late father, “Milton The Barber!”.

” I’d like to say good luck to them and err. Well he passed away for sometime, but I hope everything is all right and I hope the whole family is quite well and getting on good and I wish them all the best of luck, years to come! I hope all of them will be happy some day you see. So I wish them all the best anyway, and I hope that they will survive , and I know he’s gone now, but never mind. Forget about it. You can’t forget about it, but still everything will carry on nice and hope they will carry on good, and I hope the family will keep together and be together and think about him even though he aint here at the moment.”

What kind words! What a summery of my Grandad all together. Kind, gentle, compassionate, humorous, patient, polite, loving. What a loss we are having to endure now that he has left us. I think that if we apply to his gentle words, advice and well wishes, he would be extremely proud.

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