Fuck You!

No one had higher goals then I,
Anchors may have pulled me down,
But the light was in constant site,
Feet firmly on the ground,
There were no limits,
No hesitations,
My power of belief allowed me to fly,
I believed that anything was possible,
As long as you try.
I fear that I was deluded.
We don’t  always get what we want.
We often get punished with things that we don’t  want.
I look at you,
And the same rules clearly don’t  apply.
Everything comes so easy to you.
No flaws,
No quarms,
Successful in all persuits.
Is it fate that made you considerably  luckier than I?
Did I get a bad hand and you get the good?
You have everything that we ever dreamed of,
Dreams that we shared.
You have it all,
Whilst I  have nothing,
and so please excuse me for resenting you.
It is personal.
You have everything that I want,
I have nothing,
And so,
Fuck You!

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