Euphoric Bliss…

I need you to know that I didn’t mean to hurt you,
Consumed with darkness and all things bad,
Overcome with fear,
I prayed for the bad to dissappear,
Instead it lingered,
And with trembling fingers,
I seeked help,
Only to be shunned and knocked back,
Feeling miserable and crap,
I felt that I had no choice,
Not only to listen,
But to act upon the many instructions that I regularly hear.
Believing them was not wise,
And with teary eyes,
I gave into to evil temptations through the night.
Not one,
Not two,
But so many tablets.
Not one,
Not two,
But so many strikes upon my wrists.
As my skin ripped,
The blood dripped,
And all things good and bad forgotten,
My insides rotten.
Glazed eyes,
I drifted into the mist,
Silence consumed my ears,
As I passed out,
And entered euphoric bliss.

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