Mindfulness and Food

Most of the people I know have issues with food! I am sure the idea of food flags up your senses and opens up many thoughts and emotions. As to why, is not important today. Except for appreciation, amount, taste and fusion chemistry.


Present yourself a singular piece of food to begin with (a sultana, corn flake, orange segment etc)

Look at it, what do you see?

Hold the food.

What does it feel like in your hand or between your finger and thumb,

Smell the food,

Place it on your tounge, do not bite and taste it, feel it inside of your mouth, in your tounge.

Eating like this shows appreciation and care. I don’t think you could use this mindfulness method everyday for every meal but it is an interesting experiment to take part in.

I tried it with a sultana. I generally love them but taking the time to actually study what one is rather than shovel it down. I found it less attractive. A sticky texture with a fury feature. Lol.

You try it. The exercise should last about three mins. The food should not enter your mouth untill two mins have passed.

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