If Beauty is within…

Then why are we all so self obsessed with

 our exterior?







 Super Models,


“What’s your best quality?”,

People ask.

My nose,

My eyes,

My breasts,

My cute butt,

No one mentions their heart,


These things are forgotten.

The capability to store a memory which

is yours and yours alone.

The first time you taste milk from your

Mothers breast.

Giving birth.

Making love for the first time.

The way your heart beats

uncontrollably at the sight of the one

you love.

To feel happy.

Beauty isn’t the size of someones waist,

Or the size of someones wallet.

Beauty is Life and Life is Beauty.

When your mind, body and soul

connect as one and you can appreciate

the little things in life.

When the wind blows in your face and

tickles your cheeks.

When the Ocean roars as its waves

smack against the rocks.

When a partners lips fall gently on


A perfect fit,

Locked so tight,

Taste so sweet like milk and honey,

They press against you.

When music,

like a lullaby,

 sends you

into a trance,


It takes you to another place.

This is Beauty,

I invite you to it.

I’ve tried yours,

now you try mine.

Hug a tree,

Light a candle and watch the flames


Look up at the stars.

Take a walk with nature and ask

yourself whether perfect make-up and

noses are as important or important

at all.


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