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After having time off to recover from mental illness,  does it hinder your chances of re-employment?

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  1. I have been signed off work several times at my current employers due to my GAD. Thankfully I work with some fantastic and understanding people. It’s with thanks to them and the help, encouragement and support they provided me that I am a in a better place now then when I joined them 4 years ago.

    I am due to be made redundant tomorrow and I am really focused on doing all that I can to help ensure I don’t end up in the same depressed and anxious state I found myself in at the point of my last redundancy. In 2009 I was out of work for 1 year whilst I tried in vein to get a handle on my mental illness. I was a recluse and even the thought of logging on to job websites terrified me. My parents did all they could to encourage me back in to employment and with the support of my doctor and counsellor I was able to secure a new job.

    I guess time out is a blessing and a curse, whilst you need time to recover its easy to slip further down the spiral and lock yourself away. I guess to answer your question it depends on how you manage your time out. For me it’s best to challenge myself and keep functioning as best as I can, get dressed, leave the house, get exercise and meet with people I love. To stay home alone could lead to a decline in your mental health.

  2. Sadly I think the answer is yes. Time off from employment in order to address your mental well being can be viewed negatively by employers and by society as a whole. Cue comments such as ‘scrounger’ etc for accessing benefits during a time in someone’s life when they need them most 🙁

    1. Isn’t it terrible… if I had broken a part of my body for all to see and had tume off, no one would think twice. Yet mental health is generally invisible and so people are quicker to judge. Stuff like, “get over it”, “thats life ” is the general response . I am at a loss in how we tackle this!?

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