Have you ever not attended an event out of fear?

Whether it be fear of a crowd, fear of peoples reaction to you,  fear of what people might say to you or behind your back?

What sparks your anxiety???

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2 Replies to “Have you ever not attended an event out of fear?”

  1. Story of my life (well for the last 5 years). I have missed out on so much through my fear of leaving home, my safe place.

    For me it’s constant fear of something bad happening, worrying about having a panic attack when out in public (which has happened on many occasions particularly on the tube). Being hyper alert and frustrated being out in public, feeling overwhelmed by all the people, vehicles and sounds. my soul aim when out of the house is to return to the house ASAP!

    1. Let the demons ofx2009 make you stronger. Remember all the strategies that you learnt back then and reuse them. Don’t be ashamed in seeking help from loved ones or professionals.
      Share with me whenever you like.
      I am sorry to hear about your redundancy. Try to look at it as one chapter closing and another new, fresh and exciting one beginning.The redundancy is not your fault zoe and i wish you luck and confidence in finding new work.
      Saying all that, I know anxiety all to well and know it likes to be present during bad times but just remember if you beat it once…. you can again!
      Rooting for you xx

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