Dear X Boyfriend

You watched me,

some might say stalked me,

eager to cath your prey,

a predator,

you played me and you won, what can I say!

Playing dumb, sweet and besotted,

no one could tell,

no one knew,

how manipulative you could be.

You wormed your way in and pushed others away.

Infesting my life with your vile, poisones infection.

You numbed me,

ostrasized me,

all that I was, was you.

With dampened spirits I followed you,

cared for you,



washed your clothes,

yet nothing was good enough.

Associating with homaphobic, opinionated, small minded individuals.

You admired the shovanistic opinions of your male family peers and expected me to change and behave in the manner of which your sisters had succumbed to.

They cursed at me,

you cursed at me.

They questioned me,

you questioned me.

They accosted me,

you accosted me.

They tore us apart,

and YOU broke me.

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